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Simple habit-forming changes implemented in less than 5 minutes per day will help you become more productive, healthier and feel like you can take on the world.

"Stopping drinking to focus on self development has been the single most powerful lifestyle change I’ve ever made"

"I didn’t realise how much alcohol was getting in the way of my progress until I cut it out. This was the upgrade in life I’d been looking for."

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Have you ever Imagined what you could achieve if you stopped drinking?

What would you do with more time, more money and more calories to spend on the things you truly care about?

Even if all you did was not drink for the next month, imagine how much better you’d feel. Now consider how amazing it would be if you spent this time not only avoiding alcohol but upgrading all aspects of your life.

Maybe you’re stuck in a rut living the same boring experiences every week or spending endless nights on the couch in front of the TV with a glass of wine.

Perhaps you’re working hard trying to develop your habits, career and finances to create the life you want, but your progress isn’t getting anywhere.

Or you might be wondering why your weight loss, fitness, sleep and mood are never improving, no matter how hard you work on them.

The truth is that you’re not alone, and the restriction to your progress is hiding in plain sight - alcohol.

Achieving difficult things like losing weight, saving money, becoming more productive or progressing in your career are hard enough to manage without alcohol throwing you off track. 

It’s not like you don’t want to do more with your life. You didn’t wake up on Monday with the plan of just reliving the same week over again, or progressing 2 steps forward to simply take 2 steps back.


First off it’s difficult… 

Going sober is a hard task when you are constantly surrounded by alcohol. All your friends, social engagements and parts of your weekly routine will likely contain, or be surrounding, alcohol. 

Secondly, there is a stigma attached to going sober. In the past when telling someone “I don’t drink” I get a confused look, and the question repeated back to me… “you DON’T drink? What’s wrong???”

And finally, alcohol is an inhibition reducing echo chamber; every drink you have makes not having a subsequent drink more difficult.

We’ve all been there... one drink at a restaurant turns into two, turns into a bottle of wine, turns into us hitting a club, turns into rolling in at 3am with a takeaway and an impending hangover of doom.

Humans are creatures of absolutes, we like things in black and white, good and evil, all or nothing.

By committing to complete sobriety for 28 Days, 90 Days or 6 Months, you create exact definitions for success and failure.

That’s why our 6 Month Sober Challenges are designed to provide you with a mindset shift towards alcohol and the situations you find yourself in! Building up positive habits to upgrade all areas of your life.

It seems alcohol is the only drug that if you don’t do it, people seem to think you had a problem! 


So what ACTUALLY happens when you take a break from alcohol?



Time and Date




Here's just some of the benefits our 6 Month Sober Members have seen in the first 28 days...

  • Enhanced social experiences
  • Increased focus on goals and passion projects
  • Built real confidence in social situations
  • Faced emotions instead of drowning them
  • Less fatigue and tiredness
  • Clearer mind and better descision making
  • Created a clean slate to build healthy habits
  • Built a routine that focuses on your goals
  • Added motivation to get stuff done
  • Experience more confidence
  • Saw an increase in productivity
  • Improved sleep quality


It has been liberating to realise in most situations I don't need alcohol, let alone want it. I've learnt that experiences are enhanced by sobriety, not alcohol, even though this may be hard at times, dealing with my emotions is way better than drowning them!

I’ve realised [alcohol] is not needed to have a good time and socialise. I used to use it as a confidence booster and an escape mechanism. I don’t need it and not sure when I’ll drink again!

As someone who approached the prospect of not drinking as a period of dread, I found the process a lot more enjoyable and even more beneficial than I initially thought. I started by thinking I can't imagine my life not drinking, now 4 weeks on I can't imagine why I would ever want to go back to the levels of drinking that I used to.

[6 Months Sober] is ideal for anyone that is trying to achieve more and mindlessly uses alcohol as an escape or a way of being a more confident person. I feel like even if you don’t drink very often, the goals, weekly tasks and mindset lessons really help in all areas of life.

My training and fitness levels have greatly improved, but overall just my clarity of thought and feelings of day to day happiness seem to have been raised drastically.

My mindset has changed about bettering my self. I have been able to get into a routine for fitness and plant-based diet by prepping and booking in advance. I also have been able to use some of the time gained to be more productive at work and investments.

This course is for any successful people who are working on productivity and are serious about becoming better. For me this goes well beyond not drinking but what you are doing with your time. Alcohol is just the distraction.

I honestly loved it overall and this has really helped me kick start a journey I have wanted and needed for a while. I would definitely consider the 6-month course and feel empowered and confident to continue exploring sobriety. Thank you!

[6 Months Sober] does very important work and will be of real personal value to a large majority of the population. It definitely highlights how alcohol can indirectly affect other areas of our lives in ways that might go unnoticed.

What does 6 months sober involve?

Daily/Weekly Video Training

Daily 2-5 minute videos guide you through the entire process and enhance your development with tips, strategies and activities to keep you on track.

Unique 6 Months Sober System

A robust weekly routine which keeps you accountable, plus an ever-expanding toolkit of strategies to make staying sober simple and creating the biggest benefits for your development.

Live Q&A’s and Trainings

Questions are common, that’s why we hold regular Q&A sessions exclusively for our members to answer any hold-ups or sticking points as well as sharing wins!

Accountability Ally

Habits are the foundation for success in everything we do. 6 Months Sober is designed to build successful habits into your life to supercharge your progress.

Habit Building

Habits are the foundation for success in everything we do. 6 Months Sober is designed to easily form successful habits into your life.

Supportive Community

Surround yourself with people who understand and support the journey you are on to become an upgraded version of you.

What’s different about 6 months sober

6 Months Sober is a productivity tool with lasting results... most sobriety programs are only focused on giving people a break from booze.


Our program is designed to help people optimise their human potential by giving them tools which leave them improved for the rest of their lives.



We’re all different, but can all progress

6 Months Sober is the perfect lifestyle change no matter what kind of drinker you are, including…

Pretty women toasting champagne glasses and having fun - Four girls drinking sparkling white wine and celebrate before going into club

The Weekend Warrior

Friday rolls around and it's straight to pub after work, followed by a night out on Saturday and a hungover takeaway on Sunday.


The Casual Weekday Drinker

Nothing goes down better than a couple of glasses of wine with dinner… until you wake up feeling unrested and slow.

Group of young multi-ethnic friends with pizza and bottles of drink celebrating in home interior

The Socialite

With requests for events, evenings out and dinners it’s hard to say no. Having a couple of drinks often becomes the norm.

catering or celebration concept. Waiter holding a tray with glasses of vine at party

The Every So Often Drinker

Alcohol is usually only kept for special occasions or events but even these events leave you feeling fuzzy and unfocused the following day.


Everything you get in the challenge…

6MS Unique System

Unique 6 Months Sober System
(Value £47.00)

Our unique system provides you with the tools to upgrade your habits and level up. Kicking alcohol is the foundation but the program helps you develop life long habits that will stick with you forever.

6MS Video and Audio Guide

Daily Videos & Audio Guides
(Value £47.00)

4-5 videos a week which guide you through the entire process and feed your development as you progress.

6MS Weekly Challenges & Tasks

Weekly Tasks & Challenges
(Value £47.00)

Introspective questions, daily tasks & weekly challenges make you put what you are learning into action, this is not a course you simply consume - it's one you DO.

Plus sign up today and get these free bonuses…

Available ONLY On This Page!

6MS fb group

Private Members Only Support System (Value £47.00)

Surrounding yourself with supportive, positive people that understand your journey is important. Our community is there to provide motivation, support and also a place to share wins, struggles and even make a few friends.

6MS Accountability Ally

Accountability Ally
(Value £47.00)

Get your very own virtual accountability partner. Every day you will receive an email & Facebook message (optional) to remind you of that days video and training or any assignments you need to complete. 

6MS Guest Trainings

Guest Trainings
(Value £47.00)

Stopping alcohol is the foundation, but improving your mindset, health and other areas of your life are just as important. We are going to bring in experts in each field to help you progress in all areas of your life!

Optimise your human potential

Imagine waking up, looking in the mirror and loving the progress you’re making. Feeling more capable in social situations and not relying on the false confidence of alcohol. Feeling more energetic in your body because of the extra pounds you’ve lost. And feeling happier & more balanced in your mind knowing you have changed your habits and are in control of the direction of your life.

Just some of the areas you can optimise are:


Get real restorative sleep not impaired by the effects of alcohol that will leave you feeling energised, rested and ready to take on the day

Anxiety & depression

Eliminating alcohol and creating healthy habits allows momentum to build and reduces anxiety and depression


Keep the money you would normally spend on booze in the bank, use it to take a trip, buy a present for your partner or invest in your future


Without a fuzzy head, it's so much easier to get stuff done, tackle the tasks you've been putting off and create momentum to keep at it

Fitness & health:

Looking and feeling great is often a simple byproduct of just cutting out alcohol. As well as reducing the chemicals in your body you significantly cut down your calories


Without the blanket of beer you can develop real confidence in social situations that apply to many areas of life


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28 Day Challenge Mock Up

USUALLY £47.00


*Coupon Applied Automatically At Checkout

28 Day Video & Audio Guides

6MS Quick Start Guide

28 Day Email Support

Worksheets & Assignments

28 Day Access to Private Support System

28 Day Accountability Ally

Guest Training


90 Day Challenge mock up

USUALLY £97.00


*Coupon Applied Automatically At Checkout

90 Day Video & Audio Guides

6MS Quick Start Guide

90 Day Email Support

Worksheets & Assignments

Lifetime Access to Private Support System

90 Day Accountability Ally

Guest Training

6 Months Challenge Mock Up

USUALLY £197.00


*Coupon Applied Automatically At Checkout

6 Months Video & Audio Guides

6MS Quick Start Guide

6 Months of Email Support

Worksheets & Assignments

Lifetime Access to Private Support System

6 Month Accountability Ally

Guest Training

Let Me Ask You A Tough Question…

How many times have you told yourself “I’m never drinking again” or perhaps “I need a drink to cope with this”?


The fact is alcohol in one way or another is impacting your life… and the cool thing is, it doesn’t matter what has happened up to this point. You can still take control and master your habits by changing your relationship with alcohol.


It’s time to start implementing the RIGHT and PROVEN steps that are actually going to transform your life and help you reach your goals!


Get started for just £47 and you will get everything you need to kickstart your transformation in just 28 days. Commit today and reap the rewards for the rest of your life!


We practice what we preach here at 6 Months Sober and have helped people from all walks of life get and keep their results. We want to help you achieve the fastest possible results with the least amount of effort. We want you to improve, STAY improved for life. That is why this is different… The results of your hard work will LAST. 

Your Human optimisation guide...


Chris WIlliamson

Hi I'm Chris, I'm a podcaster and business owner from the UK. I've been a club promoter for 13 years and have seen more than 1 million people go into events I've run.


I've never been a big drinker, but I realised that alcohol (even in small amounts) was having a huge effect on my life. I realised I wanted more out of life. I wanted more time to spend on things I truly cared about.


Physically, mentally and spiritually I felt limited by the inconsistency that alcohol brings, so I decided to see what would happen if I just... stopped.


The progress I made in all areas of my life was amazing and after spending the last 3 years speaking to some of the best personal development and productivity experts on the planet, I created this immersive programme to allow you to achieve the same results I did, but in less time and with the guidance & support of the 6 Months Sober Community.

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6 Months Sober is a productivity tool, and not designed to diagnose or treat diseases, addictions of any other medical conditions. Consult your doctor before beginning this course.

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