Take This Time At Home To Reset Your Relationship With Alcohol And Achieve A Permanent Upgrade In Life

Simple habit-forming changes implemented in less than 5 minutes per day will help you become more productive, healthier and feel like you can take on the world.

Everyone Should Hit The Reset Button Once In A While

When was the last time you took more than 4 weeks away from alcohol? 

If you're like most adults the answer could well be before you were 18, whether that was 10 years ago or 40...

The society we live in today puts a BIG emphasis on alcohol being a part of our lives and we often forget what it was like to be sober for a long period of time. 

It could be a cheeky beer after work, or a glass of whine once the kids are in bed all of us have it as part of our lives...

But what would happen if we hit reset on it? For just 28 days, what could happen to our bodies, our relationships, our mindset, our confidence AND our wallets? 

Thats exactly why I created the 28 Day sobriety challenge... a chance to hit reset on your relationship with alcohol and see all the progress that can be made from a foundation of sobriety!
What Does The Challenge Involve?
In 28 days you will have everything you need to master your relationship with alcohol
Video Training
Daily 2-5 minute videos guide you through the entire process and enhance your development with tips, strategies and activities to keep you on track.
Unique 6MS System
A robust weekly routine which keeps you accountable, plus an ever-expanding toolkit of strategies to make staying sober simple and creating the biggest benefits for your development.
Live Q&A’s and Trainings
Questions are common, that’s why we hold regular Q&A sessions exclusively for our members to answer any hold-ups or sticking points as well as sharing wins!
Accountability Ally
Habits are the foundation for success in everything we do. 6 Months Sober is designed to build successful habits into your life to supercharge your progress.
Habit Building
Habits are the foundation for success in everything we do. 6 Months Sober is designed to easily form successful habits into your life.
Supportive Community
Surround yourself with people who understand and support the journey you are on to become an upgraded version of you.
Who's it for?
Sobriety is a powerful tool for anyone to harness even for just 28 days. Our 28-day challenge is perfect for you if...
  • You're looking to reset: perhaps you just want to get back to ground zero, feel what the body is like with zero influence from alcohol for a few weeks.
  • ​You want to improve your productivity and get the most from your time. Sobriety helps clear the mind and focus on what you want to achieve.
  • ​You're looking to improve your health and fitness. Giving up the booze can save you hundreds of calories per week. 
  • ​You're looking to save the money you spend on alcohol to invest into something else.
What Happens When You Take A Break From Booze?
Just 28 days can have a profound effect on your body and mind... a study done at the Royal Free Hospital, London in 2015 showed that just 4 weeks off of alcohol participants achieved an average of 3kgs weight loss, 40% of their liver fat reduction as well as many other health improvements. Not only that, but kicking booze for just 28 days can leave you with...
More Money
More Time
More Calories
To focus on making lifelong improvements.
Why not just quit?
First off it’s difficult… 

Going sober is a hard task when you are constantly surrounded by alcohol. All your friends, social engagements and parts of your weekly routine will likely contain, or be surrounding, alcohol. 

Secondly, there is a stigma attached to going sober. In the past when telling someone “I don’t drink” I get a confused look, and the question repeated back to me… “you DON’T drink? What’s wrong???”

And finally, alcohol is an inhibition reducing echo chamber; every drink you have makes not having a subsequent drink more difficult.

We’ve all been there... one drink at a restaurant turns into two, turns into a bottle of wine, turns into us hitting a club, turns into rolling in at 3am with a takeaway and an impending hangover of doom.

Humans are creatures of absolutes, we like things in black and white, good and evil, all or nothing.

By committing to complete sobriety for 28 Days, 90 Days or 6 Months, you create exact definitions for success and failure.

That’s why our 6 Month Sober Challenges are designed to provide you with a mindset shift towards alcohol and the situations you find yourself in! Building up positive habits to upgrade all areas of your life.

It seems alcohol is the only drug that if you don’t do it, people seem to think you had a problem! 
What makes this challenge different?
The 28 Day Challenge is a productivity tool with lasting results... most sobriety programs are only focused on giving people a break from booze. Our program is designed to help people optimise their human potential by giving them tools which leave them improved for the rest of their lives.
The challenge has two core areas we focus on to get you results...
Habit Building
Focus daily on building strong habits it's whats going to set you up for success. In times of struggle our mind defaults to our habits, thats why we focus on building positive ones to help you when the going gets tough.
Being surrounded by people that understand what you're doing, aren't going to give you the "WHY" aren't you drinking questions and are going to support you on your journey is so important. Thats exactly the environment we've created inside our members only community.
Everything you get today:
  • Unique 6 Months Sober System
  • ​Daily Videos & Audio Guides
  • ​Weekly Tasks & Challenges
  • ​Private Members Only Support System
  • Accountability Ally
  • Guest Trainings
  • ​1 Time Payment (No Recurring)
(Usually £97)
Today Just: £27.00
It has been liberating to realise in most situations I don't need alcohol, let alone want it. I've learnt that experiences are enhanced by sobriety, not alcohol, even though this may be hard at times, dealing with my emotions is way better than drowning them!
I’ve realised [alcohol] is not needed to have a good time and socialise. I used to use it as a confidence booster and an escape mechanism. I don’t need it and not sure when I’ll drink again!
As someone who approached the prospect of not drinking as a period of dread, I found the process a lot more enjoyable and even more beneficial than I initially thought. I started by thinking I can't imagine my life not drinking, now 4 weeks on I can't imagine why I would ever want to go back to the levels of drinking that I used to.
[6 Months Sober] is ideal for anyone that is trying to achieve more and mindlessly uses alcohol as an escape or a way of being a more confident person. I feel like even if you don’t drink very often, the goals, weekly tasks and mindset lessons really help in all areas of life.
My training and fitness levels have greatly improved, but overall just my clarity of thought and feelings of day to day happiness seem to have been raised drastically.
My mindset has changed about bettering my self. I have been able to get into a routine for fitness and plant-based diet by prepping and booking in advance. I also have been able to use some of the time gained to be more productive at work and investments.
This course is for any successful people who are working on productivity and are serious about becoming better. For me this goes well beyond not drinking but what you are doing with your time. Alcohol is just the distraction.
I honestly loved it overall and this has really helped me kick start a journey I have wanted and needed for a while. I would definitely consider the 6-month course and feel empowered and confident to continue exploring sobriety. Thank you!
[6 Months Sober] does very important work and will be of real personal value to a large majority of the population. It definitely highlights how alcohol can indirectly affect other areas of our lives in ways that might go unnoticed.
Your Coach
Chris Williamson
Hi I'm Chris, I'm a podcaster and business owner from the UK. I've been a club promoter for 13 years and have seen more than 1 million people go into events I've run.

I've never been a big drinker, but I realised that alcohol (even in small amounts) was having a huge effect on my life. I realised I wanted more out of life. I wanted more time to spend on things I truly cared about.

Physically, mentally and spiritually I felt limited by the inconsistency that alcohol brings, so I decided to see what would happen if I just... stopped. 

The progress I made in all areas of my life was amazing and after spending the last 3 years speaking to some of the best personal development and productivity experts on the planet, I created this immersive programme to allow you to achieve the same results I did, but in less time and with the guidance & support of the 6 Months Sober Community.
Frequently asked questions
QUESTION: What is the plan exactly?
ANSWER: The 28 Day challenge is a step by step habit building tool built on the foundation of sobriety. Helping you change the relationship you have with alcohol and the part it plays in your life. I've helped hundreds of people become more self confident, get in better, build better relationships and so much more all from a foundation of sobriety inside of our community.
QUESTION: Is there a guarantee?
ANSWER: Yes most definitely... we want to make sure you're happy with the challenge and the changes it can make to your life. If within the first 7 days you feel it's not for you just reach out to and we'll issue a refund. 
QUESTION: How long does it take to get access?
ANSWER: You will get your logins almost instantly. Though the plan is designed to be started on a Monday you will be able to browse the bonuses and get a feel for the plan right away. 
QUESTION: Why is it only £27
ANSWER: There are a few reasons for it being only £27

1) £27 put the challenge in reach of everyone. We have a goal to improve the lives of over 1 million people through sobriety and this helps us achieve that.

2) We want to over deliver, and at that price we know you get a minimum of 10 x your investment. 

3) It gives you glimpse into the world of 6 Months Sober at a tiny cost, then if you like what you see and you want to join us further you can. 
Build a better relationship with alcohol
Take you next step and join the challenge
Build the best you possible. Improve you health, you finances and your relationships.
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